Structural changes within SILENTGAMING

During our annually held general assembly, we have decided to split the SILENTGAMING association into an esport focused association (SLNT) and a community association (SILENTGAMING). Here are all the details behind this split.

For the past 14 years we've operated under the SILENTGAMING association, during this time, everything has been built up by a community of friends which are still very close to each other. However, ever since our rebranding in 2016, we've had two different ideologies within our group. One part was invested in building up teams that can compete on the highest level in Switzerland, the other part was still a group of friends enjoying some games.

Due to this change of interest, we have decided to split the association in two. The existing association will be renamed to SLNT, effectively removing all members and only continuing with an operating board and staff members. The association will be led by Remo Blaser as president, Kevin Frey as vice president and Pascal Burri as treasurer. Nhat Ha Dao decided to leave the board due to time constraints but continues to be a crucial staff member. Simon Lehmann will leave the board and the association but continues to be a member in the SILENTGAMING association. Once again, huge thanks to both of them for the effort within our board during the past years!

Ex-members of the association have opened up a new association called SILENTGAMING which will continue to be a group of friends enjoying games and a beer here and there. This association will be led by Pascal Burri as the president, Selim Schär as vice president and Dominik Meister as treasurer.

Another primary reasons for splitting SILENTGAMING and SLNT is to provide a more streamlined and agile decision-making process. With only three people on the board, we can make decisions more quickly and effectively, which is crucial in the fast-paced world of esports. Additionally, we can now focus 100% of our time towards our team and partners. We're also continuously looking for new staff members who would like to join us.

Both associations will continue to stay close to each other by nature, as all of the SLNT members will continue to be a part of the SILENTGAMING association. We'll also continue using synergies between the two associations.

If you're looking to join a gaming community, do not hesitate do contact