Ferox joins SLNT!

With the first season concluded, we're happy to announce Ferox as our new main AWP in our CS:GO lineup. He'll take the active roster spot of Mafii, who will transition into a coach/analyst role.

With Ferox joining the team, we've managed to snag away an immense talent within the Swiss scene. Time and time again, he's shown what he's capable of under the banner of Insanium. Returning from his military service, we're glad to welcome him within our ranks, and we're sure Ives will bring a lot of firepower to the team.

Hey guys. As you can see, I‘m back from the military and well trained to noscope some enemies in the upcoming season. I’m hyped for this tremendous opportunity and hope we can show you some exciting games!Ferox

As Ferox will be yielding the mighty AWP, SIXAER will transition into the role as a rifler. We know you've liked him as much as we did, but whoever can rock the board with a single-shot weapon will also succeed with an automatic rifle.

Unfortunately, a new player also means a departure from the main Lineup. Mafii will no longer stay within the initial five-man roster. However, we're delighted to keep him in our team as a coach/analyst, which is a dream scenario. We're very thankful for his services, and we're looking forward to what emerges from this.

After going out last in SHL we felt like something needed to change, and to allow the team to grind harder and maybe swap around some roles, we decided that I would be the one leaving the starting lineup. This team is still my baby, and I will stick with them as a coach and do some behind-the-scenes stuff to support them.

When NNirmo and I first planned the team, Ferox was already in talks with us, but he had to do his mandatory military service. He’s back now, and I’m sure he will help the team reach new heights.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to be the new LyNeX, so enjoy coach/standin Mafii, while I’m deciding if and how I want to compete as a player in the future. We’ve had some fantastic moments, wins and games together that I will never forget. 🥰   

With these changes, we're looking pretty bold for the upcoming seasons. A lot of excitement sparks through everyone in SLNT, and we hope you'll join us as soon as all the leagues start again.