Enough with the sad faces now. We're happy to present our new SLNT @ProCloudAG lineup and welcome some new faces! 🌟


We're looking forward to amazing @ESEA games and an exciting @Swisscom_Gaming Hero League! pic.twitter.com/9TxXQe4t3k
about 7 hours ago

Ferox joins SLNT!

With the first season concluded, we're happy to announce Ferox as our new main AWP in our CS:GO lineup. He'll take the active roster spot of Mafii, who will transition into a coach/analyst role.
Winter break is slowly coming to an end and sadly it's time to announce some changes within our active lineup 😢

We're saying goodbye to the lovely @sixaer @Green_EUW and @SKYTobi1 pic.twitter.com/34J689yzLe
about 9 hours ago
Y'all should definitely hop over to @AndiGAMETV for this #CHARITURNIER today. The whole community is collecting donations and enjoying some CS:GO action for the #MakeAWishFoundation

Also there might be some neat giveaways 👀

10 days ago
From hoodies to mousepads. Show your colors!
Who wouldn't want to play under captain fantastic?  https://twitter.com/AndiGAMETV/status/1614559892987158528 
18 days ago
Season 43 of the @ESEA intermediate league is closing in. SLNT @ProCloudAG is doing well. Thanks to a strong 16-0 performance we're currently fighting for playoffs!

Well done boys! @SKYTobi1 @Green_EUW @NNirmo_CS @sixaer @FeroxCS 👏 pic.twitter.com/ymdqrABQT7
2 months ago
Cloud Engineer (3rd Level), 80-100%
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