16-11 on inferno 🍌
16-4 on vertigo 🏨

The boys did it!
SLNT @ProCloudAG qualify for #ESEA Intermediate! 💪

GZ GOATS @Green_EUW @sixaer @NNirmo_CS @FeroxCS and the GOAT standin @cobiicsgo 🐐

SIUUUUU pic.twitter.com/7RJdRxpFPs
6 days ago
Do or die as we're about to start our #ESEA playoff match against storM eSports in a BO3!

Let's finally grab that intermediate spot. 🥷 pic.twitter.com/YoJRNM2Blq
6 days ago
From hoodies to mousepads. Show your colors!
An update regarding the current ESEA season. The boys have done it and qualified for the playoffs with a 8-4-0! 👏

Additionally, we've qualified yet again for the upcoming @ESLSwiss National Championship! 💪

Lots of action coming in, we're looking forward to it! pic.twitter.com/WiEzCoefGM
8 days ago
Hmmm, guess we need help with #ChaseCheryl even though we have no idea what it is! 🤔  https://twitter.com/StephanMahler/status/1570823442651549698 
11 days ago
Service Desk Engineer (2nd Level), 80-100%
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